Friday, 22 March 2013

Best Alkaway Water Filter - Fluoride & Chlorine Free Filter

At the Gluten Free Expo in Perth, I was very happy to see the Alkaway water filter jug that removes chlorine and fluoride. My partner bought this jug for me a few months ago, I use it regularly and I would strongly recommend it. Most of us don't know what's inside our tap water, and more often than not, it's filled with harsh chemicals that we don't need to be putting into our bodies. When I filter my tap water, and poor a glass afterwards with non-filtered tap water, I smell a massive difference. I can truly smell the chlorine in the tap water. This is not a joke, and this is NOT good for your health. A good quality water filter is worth the investment if you are serious about your health!

Additionally, they also sell stainless steel filtered water bottles which are convenient when you're on the go and can't bring your water jug filter with you.

Benefits of Alkaway Water Filter:

-Purified water
-Chlorine & Fluoride FREE!
-PH balanced
-Includes alkalizing sachets
-Sense of healing and wellness knowing you're drinking healthy clean water in a polluted world.

See the alkaline difference between different water sources below. It's important to recognize how tap water or bottled water may not always be as superior as they are claimed to be. The waters were tested with a proper and simple PH Kit (you can do the same for yourself at home) and if you have the desire to drink clean and alkalized water (Why wouldn't you? It tastes great!), then you know a water filter like this is worth the purchase! Comment below if you want a special link to purchase the Alkway Fill2Pure filter.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have the opportunity to drink some clean and cool water soon!

CB xo

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